The company is established in 2008 and is the first private commercial tissue-culture laboratory in Bulgaria. The main focus of the company is micropropagation of virus-free fruit-tree rootstocks. In the recent years we have become the main supplier of VF rootstocks for the Bulgarian fruit-tree nurseries.
We are micropropagating also specially selected hybrids of the fastest growing tree – Paulownia as well as other important fruit plants (Blueberry, Blackberry… etc.). We can also make a contract micropropagation of a specific plant variety upon customers request. In 2011 the company established a tissueculture laboratory and greenhouses in Turkey.
It is now one of the leading rootstock producers there. The production facilities include:
• A tissue-culture laboratory – 700 m2
• 2 Greenhouse area – 6000 m2
• Nursery area – 100 000 m2

We offer a micropropagation of specific varieties on a contract base. The laboratory can reach a capacity of up to 10 million exvitro plants per year which we can ship weekly or monthly.

We have an excellent trained staff in a real production environment as well as a fully equipped tissue-culture laboratory which includes:

  • Media preparation room
  • Industrial autoclave room
  • Laminar rooms (cutting rooms) – the rooms are equipped with 14 laminar-flow working places and a capacity to expand to up to 50 working places.
  • Growth rooms with a total area of 200 m2
  • Good access to the laboratory for an easy shipping.

Advantages of a tissue-culture facility situated in Bulgaria:

  • Much lower labor cost compared to other Europe countries – lower cost of production.
  • The country is part of the EU – control and regulations are easier.
  • Low costs of investments – cheaper land and cheaper construction.

We supply top quality plants at the right time.