Fruit shrubs

Индустриал плантс предлага следните плодни храсти: Малини, Къпини, Боровинки и Loganberry

Raspberry (in vitro)

Blackberry (in vitro)

Blueberry (in vitro)



Meeker is a mid season, very productive summer fruiting raspberry with excellent traditional raspberry flavor. It is a versatile cultivar with its fruit being usable for fresh,  bulk frozen, juice or puree.It is particularly sensitive to Root Rot as a new plant, but has more tolerance after it has become well established. RBDV infection causes a reduction in yield and crumbly fruit, which results in a lower grade fruit and reduces the longevity of plantings.Planting density: 0,5-1 m : 2–3,5 m

Liulin is late ripening variety – end of August to mid September. The fruit is mid sized, conical. It is suitable for processing. The plants are moderately vigorous. Planting density: 0,3 -0,9 m : 2-3,5 m.


Thornfree/Loch Ness/Thornless evergreen

Thornfree –  A semi-trailing variety. Ripening starts at the end of July and lasts until October. Fruit is middle large, round, elongated, black and moderately sweet. Planting density: 1,2-1,5 m : 3-4,5 m.

Loch Ness – A semi-trailing type of blackberry that has an excellent flavor, high yielding and is very winter hardy. It is a late-season variety starting to ripen from mid July. Bush is vigorous but compact and does best when trellised. Planting density: 1,2-1,5 m : 3-4,5 m.

Thornless evergreen – Fully trailing variety, very winter hardy. Planting density: 1,5 m – 4,5 m.

Duke/Bluecrop/Patriot/Elliot/Sunshine Blue

Duke is a Northern high bush blueberry considered the best early season cultivar. It blooms late and ripens early in June. Duke is a heavy cropper with yields reaching 8-9 kg per bush. Fruit is large and firm, sweet to slightly tart. Good for freezing. Very cold hardy. Planting density: 1-1,5 m : 2,5-3 m.

Bluecrop is a leading commercial variety. It is a heavy cropper. Fruit is large and sweet. Ripens in July. Self-pollinating. Bush size reaches about 2m height. Very cold hardy. Planting density: 1-1,5 m : 2,5-3 m.

Patriot – Northern High Bush blueberry. Tolerates less than ideal conditions – wet and heavy soils. Fruit size is large It is suited for places with shorter growing season. Very cold hardy. Planting density: 1-1,5 m : 2,5-3 m.

Elliot – Northern High Bush. It is the leading late season variety. The fruit ripens in 3 to 5 weeks – end of August to mid September. Fruit is average sized, slightly to very tart if picked not fully ripened.

Sunshine Blue – Sunshine Blue is a semi-dwarf, evergreen blueberry. It is tolerant to higher soil pH. Ideal for planting in pots and containers. Yields up to 5-6 kg fresh blueberries per bush. The fruit has is very strong flavor and is very sweet.

Loganberry (Thornfree) /Rubus loganobaccus/

Loganberry (Thornfree)

Loganberry (Thornfree)/Rubus loganobaccus/ – A hybrid between blackberry and red raspberry. Loganberries are sturdy and more resistant than the other cultivated blackberries and raspberries. It has a trailing growth. Fruit is produced for about 2 months – from mid summer to mid autumn. Each bush can produce about 7-8 kg of fresh fruit.