Ornamental Plants

Индустриал плантс предлага следните декоративни видове: Каскадна петуния, японска вишна, китайска вишна летящ дракон, стевия и червенолиста смрадлика


Petunia – cascade (in vitro)



Nanking dwarf cherry – Prunus tomentosa (in vitro)



Flying dragon – Poncirus trifoliata



Cottinus coggyria



Flowering dwarf cherry. Fragrant white spring flowers, shiny, reddish-brown bark and scarlet fruit make this dense shrub a favorite for mass plantings or a border. Grows 1,8-3 m high. Plant two or more Nanking cherry shrubs for cross pollination. For a hedge, plant 1,2-1,5m apart.(zones 3-7).



Hardy orange, sometimes known as bitter orange (Poncirus trifoliata), is a small, deciduous tree or large shrub hardy in U.S. hardiness zones 5 through 9. The trees, which grow between 2 and 6 meters tall, bear extremely sharp thorns in addition to fragrant, white flowers. The oval leaves grow in clusters of three. Hardy orange can be planted as a specimen tree, or in masses and trimmed for use as a hedge.



This shrub or small tree has stunning dark red-purple foliage that turns scarlet in autumn. It has plume-like seed clusters, which appear after the flowers and give a long-lasting, smoky haze to branch tips.